Clean Water

There will be a day–in our lifetime–when we get to celebrate every person on the planet having access to clean water. We want to celebrate that day with you.

Feeding the Hungry

By feeding the hungry together and delivering it in Christ’s love you are joining with WHG ministries to transform people’s lives for the better, for now and for the future.

Supporting Needy Children

We are dedicated to support the poor and needy children through partnering with other ministries. We are committed to give material as well as spiritual and emotional support.

Medical Facilities

WHG Ministries is to encourage the community to support and pray for mission to foster health, and wellness for people of all ages to provide funds that carries out its vision and to help meet their needs.


You Can Be A Part Of Us...

You are making a huge impact when you share your offering with WHG Ministries, for you do more than just give food..

Through nourishing meals for Community facing starvation… emergency supplies for families displaced by disaster… and the opportunity for all those helped to know Jesus… you give thousands the chance to live a full life.

Because WHG Ministries partners with other reputable churches and organizations so that you can be sure that your contributions get into the hands of those who need it most – when they need it most.

Please support us in helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of families and children in crisis in India and Southeast Asia. On their behalf, we’re grateful for you!

Our Targets









Evangelism And Discipleship

Women Empowerment Programs

Healing And Prayer Ministries

Medical Facilities

Training Seminars

Charity For Education

Your Money Reaches the Needy

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